Key staff members involved

The company has 24 full-time employees. The key staff members involved in the milkGUARD project are presented below.

Brian Pedersen (male) – working on calf feeding and management systems since 1984, he is co-founder and CEO at Calvex. He is the inventor of coloQuick and since then has been actively working on its production and marketing to position Calvex in a leading position in the market. Key milestones include: 2008 – ColoQuick market launch in Denmark 2010 – ColoQuick enters US and EU markets 2012 – ColoQuick enters Asian market
Project coordinator and innovation manager
Lars Henrik Hansen (male) – was involved in marketing the first Automatic Calf Feeder, the Irish Legrain system, on the Danish market in 1980. He is currently the responsible for exportation. Has held different jobs within Sales and Service Management at both retail and B-to-B levels, as well as owning his own business for 15 years.
Exploitation and dissemination manager
Jakob Gudiksen (male)– has 15 years’ experience as an industrial designer. In the last 7 years he has been specializing in product engineering and design in the agricultural sector. He also has experience with microbiological research and has extensive knowledge of working with universities and similar research institutions. He has been employed at Calvex for more than 3 years as an engineer/ product developer. Previously, he worked as a consultant freelancer for the company, being involved in the development of the coloQuick system.
Technical and demonstration manager
Hans Chr. Christiansen (male) – has an M.Sc. in Agronomy with specialization in livestock production complemented by economic subjects. Since 2012 he is the responsible for the coordination of the development and optimization of the operations at Calvex and is responsible for CalvexGaarden. Through is career, he has also acted as a cattle profile adviser (2010-2012) providing production and feeding advice to dairy farmers and as a livestock adviser (2005-2010) providing strategically sparring and basic feeding counselling.
Prototype upscale and manufacture optimization
Louise Kjær Rasmussen (female) – has a background in Operation and Innovation management (Civil Engineer) with core knowledge within business exploration and exploitation, supply chain management, product and production optimization. She is responsible for business exploration and exploitation.
IPR management, exploitation dissemination and communication
Hanne Pedersen (female) – holds a PhD/M.Sc in Veterinary Medicine. She is responsible for the clinical R&D activities. During the last 10 years (2007-2017) she has worked as a researcher at University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University on several projects focusing on reproductive biology. This work has included development of new project ideas, practical lab- and dissemination and communication activities. Through this work, she has had a close cooperation with relevant industries as well as national- and international universities.
Test of the milkGUARD solution, evaluation of the system performance and calves’ health
Trine Hansen (female) – Holds a degree in PR, Rhetorics, Graphics and International Business & Marketing. She is international marketing manager, being responsible for creating strategies to help coloQuick meet the sales objectives and to create initiatives that strengthen the global brand awareness and positioning. Through her experience within business management, Trine understands the importance of developing and implementing strategic plans for the organization in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.
Exploitation and dissemination
Henrik Laursen (male) – He works on R&D and has all necessary expertise about the products to assist the B2B customers with service questions.
Support to demonstrations and training of dealers